Sunday, September 25, 2016


I’m on a lot of drugs 
by which I mean 
the world spins 
incessant as a fly 
hovering around
our jalapeno poppers
I’m joking though
I don’t eat anything
that’s breaded
or go out in public
anywhere featuring
a screen for the staring
We are all at work 
whether sleeping
or cutting logs 
we are at work 
I bolted from the dynamic
after learning Ellen
got mauled at work 
while beginning surgery
on a pit-mix
Everything’s fatal 
if you didn’t know
Everything’s fatal
No world’s an exception
Dollar dollar bill etcetera, 
the world is collapsing. 
The world is a funny place
composed of compounds. 
Fusilli drags through our days. 
A bluish ruin takes place
and I itch incessant. 
As an abandoned anaphylactic shock 
I recommend none go forward. 
(but what about the drugs?) 
(no drugs! 
screams the water slide.) 
Some new object goes to war with our civilian tastes. 
All amasses. 
What isn’t abrasive is suspect. 
A certain amount 
(of salt) is required to go on inside of preposition day. 
Deadly as cornered subject: 
most’s for naught. 
Otherwise suspend our hearts indefinitely. 
When I reach out to you 
after your injury
your sick dumb injury 
when you don’t respond to that
I require mustard. 
Mustard and a shotgun, 
Where do we ache from here? 

--Joseph Goosey 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Juicy Parts

No-one remembers
the juicy parts.
 Where did my water break?
Was the gush like on TV,
in public on a stalled subway car?
Did I shit during delivery?
How many relatives
watched my cunt's open mouth
scream free a baby?
How can that image
dissolve in time's acid?
Feces on the floor?
Red face
in a hole
stiched fresh in a spare room
while walls remained
clouds, and the needle
was a pal who whispered
"Sleep it off. No
big deal."

--Quinn White 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Thank You For Your Bravery

Growth and Healing
A Beautiful Pain
A lonely dance in the rain
Only to begin again.
Ever changing chaos
Within my heart gets lost.
Growth and Healing
Truly is appealing
Dance with me my friends
The means justify the ends
Infinite choices
Together they can hear our voices
It is our world to create
Thank you to those who demonstrate.

--Cyn Dee Adams

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Speak Your Peace: Alison Clarke

This piece was originally performed on March 22 @ Cha Island, as part of our local Speak Your Peace event! It was grand. You shoulda been. 


A circle
Who are you?
What are you?
Robes of Red
A hum,
The Meditation
Headdresses of
Fuchsia, Indigo,
Reminiscent of
Ships that
A people running
Cold rocks,
A new world...
Surrounded by Sun
Who are you?
What are you?

--Alison Clarke

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Religion of Lust

I was born a Christian,
baptized of my sins,
before I could walk.
I tried to be a Muslim
for two years.
I didn’t eat pork,
I took Aptes –
ritual ablutions.
I tattooed my ribs with
“only god can judge.”
An atheist in my spare time,
when I wanted to sin.
I ended up with no religion-
though I prayed to God
sometimes in the back of the bar
on my knees for a man I just met.
I had no religion,
no religion except lust. 

--Kristen Williamson 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Existential Gangster's Paradise

Death Grips dropped a single today. I am 
syncing myself with MC Ride to build an agreeable day, 
got to teach myself the sounds of glitches, and 
the lost art of breaking limits. I feel pretty good, 
J Dilla kind of flow is kicking here. 

survive another bout of empty feelings. Check. 
call your wife at work. Check. 
read friend's poems on Facebook. Check. 
be humble. Check. 
drink a lot of water. Check. 
don't use the word "Love" in vain. Check. 
don't forget parents' hard work. Check. 
don't get bogged down by the Matrix. Check. 
keep it gangster. Check.

Break the rules.  

I am not afraid to admit, this is an ugly 
world I live in. Naturalists, Romantics disagree. 
I take a sip of the lager. Beer-buds, 
that is all you need to make the world a better place. 

Get wasted on week-days sometimes. 

"I make the money, man, I roll the nickels. 
The game is mine. I deal the cards."*

I live noise every day, but I was told 
it was all music. But well, I got to take it easy. 
Every moment, countless universes go tangent to me 
I pick up my own, and paint it with thousands of hues. 
I am not afraid to paint it love. I am not afraid to ask for forgiveness. 

--Sudeep Ahikari 

(*The italics-ed part is a quote by the infamous serial killer, Charles Manson)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Speak Your Peace: Judas

This piece was originally performed on May 22 @ Cha Island for our local Speak Your Peace event! It was awesome. You shoulda been. 

Now, if you could please stop
every fuck-suckin, tickin clock -- cause time will soon be departing
off- on a plane from this existence much like none of your dissonance
Ya must trust its about to get weird and then queerd and then just on and on after thaat
No tricks, I shit you not, I’m a fuckin space warlock
and I got endless treats in my invisible hat
You’ve nothing to fear, unless you take issue with queers
and if so , before you hit the door
lemme lick up them cishet tears
Cause those in the know call me Sharpe and rightfully goddamn so
my syntax will slice you slicker than any razor I wield in my professional field
and with precision my words will envelope your vision much like the glitter I drop as I chopchop
any busy-body cissy that can’t intimidate
So don’t be marshin in my mellow, I don’t hesitate
I will rough up any rough neck
Who thinks they have the audacity
to try and apply their motherfuckin posion to me
Because they can’t magic mischief with the likes of XE
But babes, you have everything in you that you need to be free
So says the sea and so says me
The otherworldly, extra-wordy ne’erdowhale with a fantastical curse
and indeed I’m quite bougie-bullshit adverse
Too sick of choking
So instead I flaunt love and scars like they’re a goddamn crown
Each cicatrix a sequin in my wizardy cloak
Reclaimed craters of the world’s sick tricks
Funkadelic relics of the powers I invoke
Weirdos please yell if you want to get down
I’m no flimsy, all whimsy
if you need that fix just ask cause i tote that shit in a flask
Cause I am the one and every master of mystery
Pipe up, space cadet
take a toke and learn to float
There’s no violence in these cuddle puddles but it can get consensually rough
Disrespect and I spank so good you’ll be biting your cuff
Ruff Ruff - all that tough attitude isn’t current -- so don’t rock my fuckin boat
For the way I sling my sass you’re sure to be defeated
All spies get up and please be seated
Or be bound to trip trying to skip the ripple of my lines
They transcend rhyme and I’m too damn fine
Ya it’s true, whats it to you
I’m 0000x years old and I’ve lived more stories than you’ve ever been told
Cosmic kavortin, teleportin and inciting mass orgies
are but a tip of the defiance and wunder that rushes from my soul
but if the beams too high a psi - lemme mix you a potion to rearrange your commotion
of backseat emotion
Chaos drives but she don’t steer
Maybe grip on to your moxy socks
It’ll probably be fine
Just sneak a quick breath
and pull the cap off your mind